The Lifting of the Veil

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I realized this morning,how wonderful it is to just be alive.With my love and partner Marcelle,we realize that the very breath we have been given is Sacred.It is indeed a time to celebrate our get excited about finally Knowing.Our awareness is expanding...we see what we have never seen...The Truth is shining brighter than ever before.The veil is really lifting. Of course there will be chaos...there will be confusion...the transition will reveal what we have not wanted to see.But there is no turning back.It is inevitable that what is false will end.Illusion can never be True.What is not real,will not last. I sit writing this ,calm in the knowing...that all is on schedule...The great Time we have all been waiting for has come.We should not fear the incredible change that is about to take place...If we believe what we say we believe..Then All will be well..and a New Day will begin. Stephen {parkstepp} Twitter--@parkstepp FaceBook--Stephen Parker
  • December 7, 2011 8:11 am

    Simion Predictions for 2012: The Juxtaposition

    From Simion, The Evolutionary Collective, of 7th dimension light beings, through Jill Mara.

    Low and behold, you have made it to the year of Juxtaposition.  The wave of light has washed through the darkness and revealed truths previously unseen in 2011 and now you can follow that wave of light into a lighter awareness or stay with the duality of the present 3D reality.

    2012 will see the two worlds dividing in ever more intensity.  The more the intentions of humanity are found to flow with the lighter path, the easier the experience will be for the whole.

    Those in the world of light will find they are transcending above the din of darkness.  The darkness being the lack of awareness as to the true nature of creation and the collective power of thoughts and emotions to create a new flourishing world.  Those that choose to stay ignorant of the truth will continue to live in a reality that is fraught with external influences and the belief that consciousness is at the whim of some outside force, be it natural disasters, the Illuminati, or the ravages of disease.  Those that are living an increasingly aware existence will find they are living in a flow of synchronicities that are undeniably leading them to a blessed creation.

    Thus 2012 is the divisional year in that some will float toward another dimensional experience while others will sink deeper into the status quo.

    So it will be…