The Lifting of the Veil

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I realized this morning,how wonderful it is to just be alive.With my love and partner Marcelle,we realize that the very breath we have been given is Sacred.It is indeed a time to celebrate our get excited about finally Knowing.Our awareness is expanding...we see what we have never seen...The Truth is shining brighter than ever before.The veil is really lifting. Of course there will be chaos...there will be confusion...the transition will reveal what we have not wanted to see.But there is no turning back.It is inevitable that what is false will end.Illusion can never be True.What is not real,will not last. I sit writing this ,calm in the knowing...that all is on schedule...The great Time we have all been waiting for has come.We should not fear the incredible change that is about to take place...If we believe what we say we believe..Then All will be well..and a New Day will begin. Stephen {parkstepp} Twitter--@parkstepp FaceBook--Stephen Parker
  • September 20, 2011 11:37 am


    Whether you like it or not, you came into this world hardwired with a reflexive neurological system that instantly goes on red alert when you perceive danger. Your system leaps into action to overcome that danger. The amygdala region in the brain, also called the primitive fear center, dates back to an earlier period in our evolution, having first evolved in our reptilian ancestors. This ancient, fear-based, knee-jerk part of the human brain still serves a certain limited purpose in contemporary life, but it also continually causes us trouble. Why? Because the amygdala cannot tell the difference between a real danger facing you in the present moment and an imagined situation in your mind.

    Imagination, the same mental function that enables human beings to be so creative and productive, often generates fearful fantasy scenarios about the future that keep you gripped by unnecessary stress and anxiety. But my observation (and that of most therapists) is that, most of the time, you have the cognitive ability to quiet those anxious thoughts and move into a more peaceful, enjoyable, productive state of consciousness. This is what meditation is about – change your focus, change your life.


    John Selby, “Expand this Moment” (via journeytoenlightenment)